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Hear Ye!

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Hear Ye!

     Motivational Speaker and Blogger, Majah David, is redefining confidence and empowerment.  Never without her signature crown brooch, Majah walks each day with a visible reminder that she is a royal.  In fact, the title is so associated with this author and entrepreneur that people simply call her “Queen”. Queen Majah is CEO and creative force of  The Royalty Mindset social space is a place of comfort and encouragement. Majah seeks daily to inspire and encourage others by sharing with other young people through personal experience. She is using the voice that God has given her to effect young people in a positive way as she explores her own journey of life. 
    Majah inspires confidence in young women through her transparent style sharing her celebrations and personal learnings in an open blog forum.  She writes from a biblically grounded and prayerful position.  Yet she readily shares with peers that together life is a growing journey.  She is also an incredible mentor and positive role models with testimony of how many have been helped and encouraged by her sharing. The crown is heavy, but this Queen carries it.  As a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Majah is carving out a special place to push other young women to love God unashamedly, follow excellence and pursue their dreams and encourages young girls to do the same. 
     Her signature pearls are a statement of rare value that she possess. With hardly a hair ever out of place, she is certainly more than a pretty face.  Majah is a senior  at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. There she is pushing the limits excelling in both academics and campus and community leadership. She is a recognized entrepreneur representing and building the Royalty Mindset daily. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” This is certainly a reflection of Queen Majah.  She is making a difference causing young women around the world to shift their minds to a ROYAL perspective!

Stay Golden!