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Class & Crown Chats: Ms. Kelly "The Weave Diva" Henson

May 15, 2015







      Everyone has a story. We just have to be willing to listen to them and learn from them. You never really know just how someone else's story can inspire you. When creating the blog, I was looking for a way to bring other people in and let them inspire you all and myself by telling their story. So I came up with the "Class & Crown Chats". These chats will be interviews conducted by me with special, handpicked individuals whose stories I feel are worth being heard. I chose the name Class & Crown Chats because I wanted these interviews to remain classy, and to  inspire you  to wear your crowns proudly! 





The first Class & Crown Chat will be with Ms. Kelly "The Weava Diva" Henson!


      Before we get into her story, I'll tell you how I "found" her. We know that we all spend waaayyy more than enough time on social media and that is just how I came across Ms. Kelly Henson. I would see her featured in a mutual friend's posts and I just knew that I had to get to know her and her story! Before I knew it, my little simple thought became reality and she was sitting in front of me a couple of days later. So, without further delay, let's get to her story! 

     Before going into details, we started with a brief bio of who Kelly Henson is. Kelly Henson is a business woman. BOSS! Being the owner of two salons, personal stylist for plus-size women, motivational speaker, and owner of an accessories line (Lapel Art), Ms. Henson has earned the right to call herself a BOSS woman!! She has a strong interest in marketing and understanding a buyer's mind. A few years ago, she was able to find a new perspective on life by being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. She now is a firm believer in "going big or going home" because life is short.

     Although she is at the top of her game, she does feel that her impulsiveness and being scattered is her greatest struggle. As a way to cope with her struggle, she likes to surround herself with people that are able to keep her anchored and focused. We all have a purpose, we just have to do what it takes to fulfill those purposes. Ms. Henson feels that her purpose in life is make God's name great. To fulfill this purpose, she becomes selfless, gives all glory to God, and makes sure that she lives her life in a way that would be a reflection of Christ. She uses her platform as a hairstylist to help minister to God's people. "Every time someone is in my chair, that is an opportunity that I am able to pray with them."

     When asked how her projects came about, she said, "I've always been an artist... whatever I can think of I can create it." From a young girl with a small business of cutting jeans to being a BOSS woman, Ms. Henson always has been a dreamer and one to chase her dreams. Once she has an idea, she says that she just has to find a way to make it become a reality. With so many projects on her plate, I asked how is she able to find a balance. She responded by saying, "I don't."

     We all have dreams. Ms. Henson enlightened me on how she dreams in color and wakes up everyday to make those dreams a reality. When asked if she felt as if she had accomplished all that she had set out to achieve, she responded, "I'm on the way there. I'm really close." Personally, her next goal is get married and start a family. On the business side, she has gone through her "break-even" phase and is in the beginning stages of profit mode. Her achievements continue to grow and build off of one another and from there the sky is her limit.

     Three years ago, Ms. Henson gave birth. Her "bundle of joy" is all about her bundles of hair. The idea for the "The Weava Diva" was given and created in less than thirty days. Kelly sometimes transforms from her natural haired fro, vintage style, relaxed personality, and natural face into The Weava Diva that lives for her inches to be down her back and her face to be slayed to the GAWDS. Although The Weava Diva is not out everyday, you would certainly know when she has arrived on the scene.

     In the next five-ten years, Ms. Henson plans to be a mother and wife. She also plans to have businesses that are so grand that she will be able to hire others and lessen the load that is on herself. She could also see herself back in school in order to branch out as a consultant for companies as well as personal issues.

     A mentor of Ms. Kelly Henson dropped a token in her life. Ms. Henson dropped that token in my life and now I am able to drop that same token into your lives. The mentor told her, "If you can recover from it, then try it." Take a moment to think about what that really means. It has recently become one of my favorite quotes. If you know that you are able to bounce back from it and that it will not severely damage you, then you have no reason not to try it.


  I want to say thank you again to Ms. Henson for being a part of Royalty Mindset and for telling her story. If you would like to stay in touch with her, follow her on Instagram @theweavadiva. But be careful because if you are anything like me, ever since I pressed that follow button I can no longer listen to "Silver Lining" by Jazmine Sullivan without thinking of hair flips in slow motion. Check it out for yourself, you'll see! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Remember, STAY GOLDEN!



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