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August 20, 2019

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December 23, 2017

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Gray Areas

June 5, 2015



     WOO!! Okay, anyone that knows me would know that I am absolutely a morning person! I am up every morning around seven, and waking up at 8:30 is sleeping in for me. I also will say that some of my best work is done in the mornings. But to be up typing out a blog post at 4am is crazy! I love my mornings, but is this even considered morning? Geessshhh! But hey, I am up so I may as well.

     I tend to wake in the middle of the night often. When I am woke at odd hours, I go into prayer. That may just be me. I don't know, but that is how I feel. So to be up writing at four means that I was up about an hour and a half ago and I have already had my prayer and worship session. What do you do when you are woke during the night?? Leave a comment, I want to know!!

    So, in the midst of my prayer and worship session, I realized that it is time. Time for what? It's time for us to get to the "nitty gritty". I feel that this stage of life is just about the hardest. There is that constant tugging of directions. You want to live your life without missing a beat because you're young, but you also want to have morals and do what's right. You have to fight the temptations of the world as well as find your place in God. You're in a gray area. You feel that you're too old to make immature mistakes, but you are also so far from knowing where you want your life to go. It's just a gray area. For me, I'll tell anyone that ask exactly what my plans are for college and everything. It all seems as if I know what's going on, then they ask why or what I plan to do with that and my response is a shrug of the shoulders. It's as if I have an idea of where I want this to go and I feel I have it all together, but then again I have no idea where this is actually going or what step is next. It's a gray area. Gray areas aren't fun to be in. They aren't comfortable. You know what gray areas are? In my opinion, gray areas are confusion! No one likes to be in a state of confusion. I've been in gray areas plenty of times. Like I said, its not fun and it's not comfortable. There was a time that I found myself in a gray area with this guy. It essentially just led to confusion. I had to be like hold up, I'm not about to play these games with you! Oh, no. So, I removed myself from the situation all together. I don't know about you, but why would I want to stay in the midst of confusion?

    So how did I get out of that situation? There is this process that I go through whenever I find myself in uncomfortable situations. First, I separate myself. It's really hard to focus and get yourself together when you're constantly surrounded by so many. So I take some time to myself in order to get my thoughts aligned. The next thing I do is analyze my situation. I really break it apart and figure out what's going on. After the break down is finish, I begin to look at my priorities. My main advice to anyone is always make sure to not compromise yourself! Compromise means to settle your differences. You can't stay true to yourself by settling differences in order to please someone else. Priorities are a big part of life. If your faith, priorities, and morals aren't intact, then you're asking for chaos and confusion. And as said before, no one likes to be in a state of confusion. This entire process is really about making sure that your faith, priorities, and morasl are all aligned. And not just aligned with one another, but it is important that they be aligned with God's will.

     So after reading this post, I'm going to challenge you. My challenge to you is that next time you find yourself in a gray area, you try my process. First, separate yourself. Next, analyze the situation. Then, make sure that your faith, priorities, and morals are all aligned. Throughout the entire process, it is essential that you pray!! There is so much more that I want to say on this topic, but I don't want to have you guys reading novels. There will be a part two... Stay Tuned!  STAY GOLDEN!



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