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Staying Golden

July 16, 2015



If you have been following the blog, you would know that every blog post is concluded with "Stay Golden". But what do I really mean when I say "Stay Golden"? Well let's talk about it. We all have some type of gold jewelry or something. I know I wear more gold jewelry than anything.  Although gold isn't the strongest metal, it still is one of the most desired. There was a time when gold mining lead the economy. Many people relocated in order to have a job mining gold.

     The thing about gold is that it is most valuable in its purest form. The less that gold is compromised or mixed with some other metal is when it's worth most. I love me some rose gold; however, it just isn't worth as much as unconprimised gold. You see, rose gold is made by mixing in copper. Once the copper is added, the value decreases. It may be prettier and popular at the moment, but in the end we all know that it's just not the same.

     What does it mean to compromise? According to Webster's, compromise means to accept standards that are lower than is desirable. To compromise is to settle. As talked about in "Grey Areas", our faith, morals, and priorities are all to remain uncompromised. 

     So when I say "Stay Golden" I mean to remain uncompromised. Compromising yourself can only lead to lessening your worth. No matter what, remain true to yourself. Never ever allow someone or something to dull your shine! Be the 14k gold, even if the rose gold seems to be prettier. Through it all, shine bright! STAY GOLDEN! 



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