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Faith, Trust, and Shift

July 29, 2015



      Hey!! Royalty Mindset has made a transition! Not only did we make a transition, but we survived the transition. Another word for transition is shift. But what does shift really mean? According to the dictionary, shift means to move from one place to another. Okay, so we now know the literal meaning of shift, but what does shift mean to us? We may not realize this, but shifts are necessary. I think I've said it before, but my dad once told me, "Those who can't adapt to change cease to exist." That simply means that change is necessary to life. In order to live we have to be able to go through shifts and changes. Shifts are a part of growth! If I had to describe  my entire summer by one word, it would be growth. (I'll be talking about it today on Periscope. So follow me on Periscope: @Queen_Majah to get the full story.) And as I said, shifts are a part of growth. So many things for me have shifted! I don't hang out with the same people. My priorities aren't the same. My mindset has also shifted. Even my conversations have taken a shift. I'm no longer talking about what Susie had on last night in her Instagram picture or how Johnny tried to "holla", instead I'm talking about what's my next step to get to where I need to be. You'll begin to realize that your prior mindset didn't have to capacity to get you to your next step. So, it had to shift. You'll begin to see that your circle doesn't have to be as big as you think. So, it had to shift. Shifts aren't easy, but in order to grow we've learned in this post that they are necessary.

     Another thing about shifts is that in order for the shift to be successful we must have faith and we must trust God. One of my biggest things right now is trusting God. It's been the topic of some of my latest conversations. I came to the realization that I have NO CLUE where any of this is going. I was asked to be an event in November, but when they asked all that I would need I serious had to say I have no idea. If Royalty Mindset has grown so much in two months, I can't even imagine where it'll be in another four!! Geeesshhhh!! Who knows? I don't!! When it comes to the task that I've been given and how I have to trust God in order to succeed in the task, the #BiblesNBagels Crew and I  like to think of it as a puzzle. I have been told that I will be completing this puzzle. And of course, God didn't give me all of the pieces at once. He may have given me two or three pieces at a time. But when I look at the few pieces that I was given, I realize they may not even be the corner pieces. Ya'll know we like to start puzzles with the end pieces!! But that just goes to show you that your plan may not be God's plan. The thing about the puzzle pieces is that I may not be able to see the ending product, but I know that God can. I just have to trust Him to lead me and to guide. I can’t half way trust him, but I have to trust him completely. It is not easy! I repeat, IT IS NOT EASY! As I was praying the other day, I was telling God that I want to trust him with my all, but I am so scared. When trusting him, I know we should not be worried or have fear, but I know I do. When I am about to take a trip I like to look at all the directions before my car is even put into drive. I like to know where I am going and just how it will look once I arrive. Trusting God isn’t like that! I just have to get behind the wheel and turn when he says to turn. I have to take whatever puzzle pieces that he gives me and place them where he says I should place them and when he says I should place them. That is another thing, we should operate in God’s timing and not in our own!      This post is getting kind of long, so I will wrap it up. But to get the more in depth version remember to follow me on Periscope: @Queen_Majah! I will give more details and tell you how this is all going for me personally! See you soon.  STAY GOLDEN!



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