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Someone Say Bonus?

September 23, 2016




School is back in session and oh do I feel it! I have a short story to tell you all and then I will most likely find myself in a book or something. I do aim to keep the blog pretty balanced and so I wanted to come and lighten the load and tell y’all what happened to me instead of always “teaching”! Enjoy!

It was a Wednesday morning (the 7th of September to be exact) and I was lying in bed telling myself that I would not be going to my economics class that day. I was not feeling it! You see, Economics is not the favorite of many and it isn’t always enjoyable. My mind was made that I would not go to my Economics class at 9:30 and I would sleep in some more and go to my insurance class at 11am. Sounds like a plan, right? I was so wrong! As I laid there and said I’m not going, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Yes, you are.” I JUMPED out of bed so quickly and started getting ready. In that moment, I thought if the Holy Spirit is telling me to go to class this must be something good. I just knew when I walked in class I would get an automatic ten points or something just for showing up that day, right? WRONGGGG!! That lecture just about bored me to sleep, but because I sit in the front for all of my classes, I couldn’t go to sleep. So I just sat there and took my notes without receiving any extra points or incentives for being there that day. I’m not even going to lie and say I wasn’t slightly upset. I didn’t understand, but I decided to just trust God’s plan and let it go.


The following Monday morning I prepared for economics again. And truthfully, I’d forgotten all about the last Wednesday morning. I made it to class and I could see the teacher holding a stack of papers. I’m in my seat thinking, “is this man really about to give a pop quiz on Monday morning?” Sigh! He goes on to explain that he is about to pass around a worksheet “just to see if the class has been paying attention”. No one likes these things. Well that’s until the professor says something to the tune of “bonus points” when following such a sentence. In this case that’s exactly what happened! He said it would be counted as bonus! Praise break, yet? Hold on, it gets better! I looked at the worksheet and immediately begin working. I’m CRUISING through this and felt I was in my zone working out the economic algebra-like problems. (SN: I’ve always been a Math Nerd…well…before college!) Once all of the worksheets were picked up, I took out my notebook to get ready for the lecture. As I flipped through the pages, I stopped on the page with the date of last Wednesday on it, and the last thing written at the bottom were the exact steps on how to work out everything I just had to do on that worksheet! NOW, we praise break!!


After leaving class the prior week with no incentives, I really didn’t know why the Holy Spirit told me to go to class that day. The following Monday it all made perfect sense. If I had not been obedient and decided to stay in bed last week, I doubt I would have been able to complete that worksheet as well as I did. Once I figured it all out and put two and two together to get four, I could hardly contain myself! I just wanted to tell everyone! The thing that really amazed me about the entire situation was how minute it was. In the end, I ended up with six bonus points. Just six. So really it was something so small. It made me see just how much God cares for us and how He is present in every aspect of our lives—big or small. Another thing that can be learned from this experience is really that God doesn’t always do things the way you expect or would want them to. I expected to get bonus points that Wednesday, but didn’t get them until I completed the worksheet that Monday.  To reap the benefits, I simply had to obey and go to class. It will forever be a mystery to me why God favors me so much, but I’ll forever be grateful!! WELP! That’s all, folks!! I do hope you enjoyed my story!


Stay Golden,


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