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August 20, 2019

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December 23, 2017

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A Fatherless Daughter

June 15, 2017



When I was born, God knew my purpose. He knew, who he made me to be and He knew my parents. He knew that I would have a sort of absentee Mother and an almost non-existent Father. God purposely placed me in a Father’s care, he wasn’t biologically my Father but my maternal Grandfather, who I lovingly named “Opa”. Then, when I became a bit older He knew that someone had to start instilling His Word in me. So, God blessed me and placed me with my older sister and her boyfriend, fiancé, and then husband who “just so happened” to be a Pastor. This is where my ROOT season began. My brother-in-law/stepfather instilled in me the importance of education, God, and family. This man would stay in my life for a decade showing me what a Father’s love looked like not only to me, but to his niece and my baby sister as I love to call her. One day he was in my life and then the next he was GONE. Just as quickly as I lost a Father I gained my biological one back for about 6 months. He would do the best he could with the help of my paternal grandmother, “Momo” and his brothers and sisters but because of STRONGHOLDS he wouldn’t be able to hold on to me. One of the biggest decisions I had to make in my entire life and I was at the tender age of 10. As quickly as I would leave that Father, I would run into the arms of another more familiar Father, my Opa. This Father would stay in my life for another whopping year and 2 months before he went home. At this point, is when I “TRULY” became Fatherless. For the first time, there was no Father in my life.


 I would remain Fatherless for about a year and 3 months before yet another Father by the name of “Boogie” or what I loved to call him “Old Man” or “MelvinMelvin” would walk into my life. He would stay in my life for about a decade, taking on everyday dad tasks like: teaching me how to cook, my first date, prom, and teaching me how to drive. Always telling me that I turned too wide when driving. Not knowing that every time I turned wide I would think of him. After 7 years he was literally taken away from me and two years after that he went home. During those 2 years and about 6 years prior God placed yet another Father in my path. In the beginning of my life he started off as something like an uncle. Later in life I would name him with my mouth and then with my heart, “Parrain” which is French for “God Father”. This became a sort of prophesy because he would be the Father that would bring me closer to God. Fulfilling the name I gave him. This man would stay in my life for a lifetime.


About a year before “Old Man” went home, my biological Father creeps back into my life trying to be a Father to a now, grown woman. We would have a “love-hate” relationship for about 3 years before my Heavenly Father reminded me that I was still His child and that I should act as so. Exemplifying not only what His child should act like but what I should believe, not only in my mind but in my heart. Through the years God has given me more Fathers than a girl could ask for. He knew that I would need a GREAT CONSTANT male presence in my life but no matter who came and went GOD still remained a GOOD GOOD Father. No matter what I went through God would see me through it with the LOVE of a Father. Forgiveness! The one word my Heavenly Father taught me not only through His Son, Jesus but His daughter, Angelica. Last weekend I chose to forgive my earthly Father for everything he has or hasn’t done. Just as God taught me Forgiveness I know he is teaching you something as well. The question is are you being not only mindful to the voice of God, but are you being OBEDIENT to your Heavenly Father? 

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