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August 20, 2019

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Elapsed- Part 2: "Learn"

April 11, 2018



Welcome back! Part One of the new series, “Elapsed”, was awesome! It spoke to me on so many levels, and according to the feedback that was received it was a beneficial read to others as well! If you have happened to miss, Part One, click here. You’ll need to read Part One to understand Part Two.


 Part One Recap:

In Part One we learned to embrace every stage in life. We learned that God has made everything beautiful for its specific time (Ecclesiastes 3:11), and that when we interfere with the timing, by rushing through it, that we are also interfering with its beauty. Basically, God gives us these words to tell us that we really should slow down, enjoy life, and trust Him along the way.


Why “Elapsed”?

I want to back up just a bit though. Part One got long and I firmly do not believe in having people read novels for blogs. Okayyy?? So with that being said, I need to back up a bit and explain the title of the series. When all of this came to me as what started as a caption it involved three words. Embrace, Learn, and stay tuned for the third. I was talking to God one day asking Him what should I name this and instantly He said “Elapsed”. From there I was like PERFECT and just took off with it! By definition (courtesy of elapsed means: (of time) to slip or pass by. To me that fits so perfectly. We don’t want life to slip or pass us by because of us rushing through it. We don’t want to look back on our lives and see nothing but elapsed time. Having this title and knowing what it means bring us back to the opening statement of Part One: “We know that when He [God] pieces things together, it’s always done so methodically.” This title fits so perfectly.




Now on to the topic of this week. The second word that we will go over is LEARN. In the short version, in the picture caption, when I said the word "Learn" I was talking about how not only should we embrace every stage in life, but as well learn everything that we can in each stage. We should get everything that we can out of our lives. We should live our lives in a way that we obtain everything in life that Christ died for us to have. (John 10:10). So when I say learn I am not simply meaning learn, I am meaning that in each stage in life we should aim to learn, thrive, see, obtain knowledge, be informed, receive, grow, flourish…ALL OF THAT, just to name a few! As we learned in Part One, this life God constructed for us is absolutely beautiful, so why not enjoy every bit it? After all, it is already paid for!


“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10


Abundant Living:

This year I’ve noticed that life for me just like any other person, life has its ups and downs, but more than anything, life is going exceptionally great for me in this first quarter of the year. I can remember on the way back from a recent trip I took, when I posted the pictures from the trip, one of the ending hashtags was #AbundantLiving. For me it is so important that an abundant life is the life that I live! God has constructed our lives in such a way that we should live the best and have the best! Which also tells me that if life seems to suck at times that I am not doing something right. Y’all do realize that every hardship in life isn’t a test from God, neither is it the Devil attacking? Some things that we end up going through are the results of our own decisions. The bible tells us to “Trust in the Lord” and detours sometime mean that a little fear and a doubt have crept in somewhere along the way. To live the abundant life Christ died for, we must:

1. Truly believe that is why He died. (John 10:10)

2. Trust the Lord to direct us. (Psalm 37:23)

3. …the third way will come next week with Part Three. (;


Stay Golden,



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